Sunday, 13 April 2014

Are You Attractive? - The Law of Attraction

This week I looked into this whole, Law of Attraction thingy.

Sat at my laptop one afternoon, YouTube open, a whole world of craziness at my fingertips I randomly searched “Abraham-Hicks”. Actually, not so randomly. A friend of mine had recently invited me to one of their events which I hadn't been able to attend but I was curious to find out more.

Abraham is a spiritual collective which speaks through Esther Hicks (known as Abraham-Hicks). Now on paper it sounds like hippy nonsense until you hear their teachings. Whether the words truly are coming from the spirit realm or are simply wise utterances from Esther Hicks herself, they are still powerful. Having said that, I still needed a little help shifting them from “good ideas” to an applicable ethos.

I’d read one of their books, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, a while back. The message, from what I could gather, was pretty basic. Decide what you want, order it and the Universe will deliver. We all have the power to create anything so just issue your shopping list to the Universe, sit back and wait for all the good stuff to land in your lap. Easy right? Wrong.

I know because I’ve tried it, many times over, always starting off with great initial enthusiasm. I think, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna summon up the life I want.  When they suggest you can have whatever your heart desires, why wouldn’t you? From the material such as wealth, lavish homes, fast cars and beautiful clothes to the intangible such as relationships, love and happiness, they claim these things are also available to you if you just say pretty please to the Great Infinity.

So I enthusiastically create my mega wish list, holding back on nothing but when, after a couple of months (who am I kidding – weeks), none of it materializes, I give up, dismissing the law of attraction as  rubbish, sulk for a while then dust myself off and go back to living however I was living. That is, until the next time I hear about some other way to invoke the Law of Attraction and then the whole darn process starts again.

However, a few years, I started to realise that the Law of Attraction might not be something you and I can even turn on and off. More than likely it is something we are constantly doing regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not.

It may just be that our particular circumstances are self-generated,  the genesis of which is, who we are and our beliefs. If true, this is a very powerful proposition. It means we alone are responsible for everything in our space and if thought, as many have suggested, is the starting point for this process, then the easiest way to change what is attracted to us is to change our thinking.

Easier said than done however. Whilst we are consciously aware of the thousands of thoughts that race through our heads on a daily basis about Rice Krispies and hedgehogs and socks, we also have many subconscious thoughts and beliefs that are also instrumental in shaping our world. Thoughts such as “all men are cheaters”, “I don’t deserve what I have”, “I’m not wanted”, “I’m going to be forgotten”, “I’m ugly”, “I’m a loner”, etc. become a quiet yet powerful background drone to our daily living. They’ve become so familiar that we no longer hear them and navigate the world with the rudder of our ship skewed by these unhelpful thoughts.

So back to YouTube and, having tired of clips of cats looking pissed off and attacking dogs ten times their size, I started searching for Abraham-Hicks videos to see if I could get more clarity and guidance on the Law of Attraction as the describe it. I figured if we’re attracting anyway, why not take charge of it?

Some of Abraham’s basic teaching are, you are here in this body because you chose to be here, the basis of your life is freedom and the purpose of your life is joy, you are a creator, you create with your every thought, anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have, you are choosing your thoughts, your emotion are guiding you. The universe adores you for it knows your broadest intentions, relax into your natural well-being. All is well.

This is a very, very abridged version taking from their website. As I listened to clips taken from their seminars, one video became several. Like Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole I could go. Hearing one idea inspired me to see what they had to say on others. There were several key points that struck a deep chord within me.

Doubt is the one sure thing that will keep the things you want just out of reach. Abraham-Hicks describes doubt simply as, conflicted energy. You want something but you are also focused on the not having it. And the Universe simply delivers more of whatever you are thinking of which in this case is uncertainty as to whether the thing desired is possible.  It says your wish is my command. Here you go, more uncertainty!

Abraham-Hicks says the key is not to reprimand yourself when the doubt surfaces but simply acknowledge it  then refocus your attention back to what it is you want to achieve.

Focusing on the things you want to get or achieve is the way to realise them. Focusing on what you don’t have, will keep you in that place because the things you are thinking and are emotional about dictate your vibrational frequency and it is this that the Universe responds too.

Deliberate creator
Abraham Hicks uses the term Deliberate Creators in many of their videos. As I said earlier, through our thoughts we are creating our reality, whether we like it or not. We’d like to believe that we are not responsible for some of the things that happen to us but everything from our family, friends, work colleagues, circumstances of our lives all emanate from us and Abraham-Hicks is simply inviting us to be a willing creator rather than just allowing your subconscious to populate your experience. 

How do we create our worlds? As I say, it’s the story you tell of your life. Thoughts that you think are harmless are actually supercharged. That flippant comment “This always happens to me”, “I’m terrible with money”. “I can’t get a great job”, “money doesn’t grow on trees” all shape the reality you live in. 

As Olivia Pope would say, change the narrative. When you change the story you have of your life, you change your frequency and therefore what will vibrate towards you. All it takes is the belief that it is possible and the rest will take care of itself. At first it may feel fraudulent but as they say, fake it until you make it. It works.

Constant creation
Another great lesson was that we will always be in a state of waiting for things to manifest and that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. We tend to think things aren’t right until we get the thing we want but forget that no sooner have we got the new car or partner or job, there’ll be something else we want.

Abraham Hicks says that is how it should be. We wouldn’t want everything we desire to come at once anyway. We want to craft the life we have rather than get it dump wholesale on our lawn. You may like a beer but you wouldn’t want to drink the whole brewery in one sitting.

Get Happy damnit!
But the most important part of the puzzle fell into place last night. I was listening to a recording of one of their seminars and Abraham Hicks was responding to someone’s question about manifesting and they said that most people have gotten the happiness/ object of desire equation back to front. We often imagine that when we get the thing we want, we’ll be happy and though it’s true that can be the case momentarily, a more powerful position to take is to get happy, i.e., vibrate at the frequency of happiness and the things that make you happy will start to work their way to you.

Abraham said that all you really need to do to create the life you  want is to focus on what makes you happy day to day. What can I do to fill myself with joy today? What makes me feel good? When you get into that space, and practice being in that place more and more, the things that you desire will show up for you. By simply taking your focus off of what you don’t have and shifting it to being happy, being present and ordering what you would like to come your way, your life will show up differently. 

Abraham suggests, (and I believe) as creators, all things we create immediately exist in a non-physical reality and the thing that brings them forth into the physical, material world is our unwavering belief that it is possible.  

The world is what it is because that is what we have co-created and when we want something new, we will co-create that new future too. As soon as someone believes something is possible it is just a matter of time before it is made real, be it running the 4 minute mile, or inventing the light bulb, or globe economic equality, all things are made possible through Man’s ability to believe and usher things into existence. Pretty cool

So get Happy today for a happier tomorrow. When it comes down to it, what else is there to do?

Happy Birthday to my most excellent brother, Phil. :)

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  1. Law of attraction - I seem to keep coming back to it!. Great post, and a very enlightening video!

  2. OK. So I will admit that I have only just come to this and read it fast and had little time to ponder on it (and Ive never heard of Abraham-Hicks until five minutes ago), but my initial reaction is that if you are able to be happier (tomorrow? that never comes - start being happy now!), then the outcome is somewhat immaterial?

    Find people that can learn to be happy and come back in a year and ask them if they have achieved their dreams, (found fame, success, love, wealth or hedgehogs) and many of them wont care, because they are happy as they are...

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  4. Before You do all the possession stuff watch the sun come up move across the sky and set like a golden burning penny into the ground. Look at the trees, closely. Listen to the birds, when the weather warms the ground walk barefoot, feel the planet with your skin. Sorry if it sounds a bit weird, just me, Charlie, all the best.

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