Sunday, 29 July 2012

No more panda eyes

Removing your make up is one of those faffs no woman enjoys (some hate it so much they don't bother doing it, no names mentioned - Jodie Marsh during Big Brother). So here are my tips for a speedy blitz that will leave you fresh faced and remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara (I don't know why they make such a big deal about how waterproof mascara is. Perhaps it's for women with really horribly boyfriends who make them cry all the time. L'Oreal Mascara - because he's a twat and you're worth more... ANYHOO).

For full evening make up, firstly, slather on this Dermalogica precleanse. It's oil-based and lifts everything and I mean everything, off. When you look in the mirror you'll look like an Edvard Munch painting. Don't Panic.

Grab two face wipes. I've tried so many different brands but Boots Botanics is definitely the best so far. The label blabs on about 'hibiscus' and 'The Power of Plants'. Whatever. I like it because it takes make up off and doesn't make you smell like a baby's arse.

Finally, I like to use a toner to get rid of any last remnants and because that's what the magazines always tell us to do. I use Weleda's wild Rose Facial Toner*. It smells lush and my face feels really clean after using it. 

Sometimes, I'll use a hot face towel in between stages two and three just to be double thorough. 

To some mucky bitches,  this will seem like a big hoopla but I promise you, if you wear full make up, you won't regret it. 

If you've gone for light day make up then I quite like this L'Oreal Absolute Make Up Remover. It claims to be non-greasy which is the biggest lie since David Cameron said, "We're all in this together" but it does the trick. Use the Wild Rose Toner after and it'll take the greasiness away.

The jury's out for me on night creams. They always seem so greasy. I always feel like I fell asleep on a pizza. No thanks.

Make up removal is so important I think mum's should tell their daughters horror stories about it. Like, if you don't take off your make up, in the night, an elf enters your bedroom and tattoos the word 'minger' on your forehead.

Harsh? I think not.

*After a lengthy search online, I can't find any retailers who have Weleda Skin Toner in stock. If you have any luck, let me know!

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