Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring has Sprung

Thank goodness. Spring is finally here.Even though London isn’t one of those places that needs sunshine to come alivelike coastal towns do, it sure is a handsome city when the sky is blue andthere’s a little heat on your back.

One of my favourite things to do is peoplewatch in any of the West Ends many squares. There’s Golden Square near PiccadillyCircus, Hanover Square by Bond Street and Soho Square behind Oxford Street toname a few.

A stone’s throw from the shopper’s meccathat is Oxford Street, Soho Square is one of my favourite places. It’s flankedby many well-known production companies. TV and film execs, shop workers andthe homeless alike, all congregate in this little square at lunch time, tosnatch a moment of tranquility in this luscious garden.

I used to work in a building that overlooked Soho Square and I remember looking out one morning to watch the comingsand goings. There, I spotted a woman I used to work with, sitting on one of thebenches, soaking up the spring sunshine. She’d recently gotten married and wasprobably enjoying a post-honeymoon bliss. Shortly after, she was joined by acolleague from the same company. I knew him too. He was a nice guy, marriedwith a couple of kids, settled. Anyway, he goes and sits next to her. 

Nextthing I know, like a couple of teenagers in the back of their parent’s car,they start kissing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d rumbled an affair, right inmy lovely little Soho Square. Funny enough, spotting those two illicit lovebirds made me love it more. Just shows why people, people watch. Coz you neverknow what people will do next. Happy Spring.  

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