Monday, 20 February 2017

Trump is right about US news media

From what I can see, Trump is right, the American news media are the enemy of the people because they're partisan, pass off opinion as fact and rarely have impartial commentary. 

How the hell are people supposed to stay educated on the world around them if the organisations pertaining to be a reliable source of information have political affiliations. 

If news media outlets are satisfying their own agenda above disseminating facts and truth then they are not for the people they are against them and therefore an enemy. 

Why, for example, are newscasters giving me their opinion? This is an egregious abuse of power and position. And don't start me on the ones that use their slot to promote their own books. WT actual F.

For someone who grew up on BBC bulletins, American news is almost unwatchable because of all this. 

The US is starved of impartial news sources. BBC World News was pretty good as was Al Jazeera but they don't broadcast in the US anymore. 

And yes, I know the Beeb aren't perfect but you try watching and hour of MSNBC and you'll see what I mean. 

So what does that leave? Facebook? Twitter? The Internet-at-large?

We are in trouble when the best source of factual information is the Daily Show and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 

Fox is as useless as CNN but how do you re-educate so that people stop screaming inside a box and thinking their own echo is the voice of reason?


  1. Trump may indeed be right about the news media in the states; but he would be slaughtered by impartial, non-partisan media types too!

  2. I couldn't live in the US for that reason - too much fake news and disinformation, and violently polarised opinions.

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